Flipped classroom e social learning: il caso E-School


  • Michelle Pieri Indire
  • Ilaria Bucciarelli Indire



Parole chiave:

lipped classroom, active learning, autonomia, social learning, podcast


This article aims to illustrate a flipped classroom experimentation that took place in a high school in the city of Piacenza, in northern Italy. The “E-school” section has been activated in this school since 2013. This research began at the end of the second five-year period of the experimentation (2018/2019) with the aim of carrying out a first evaluation and returning a description that allows to highlight elements of interest and any critical issue with reference to four emerging dimensions:

● activelearningandinclassactivities;

● contentandaudiovisualpodcasts;

● autonomous learning, responsibility, evaluation;

● social learning and key competencies.





Come citare

Pieri, M., & Bucciarelli, I. (2021). Flipped classroom e social learning: il caso E-School. IUL Research, 2(3), 116–128. https://doi.org/10.57568/iulres.v2i3.116
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